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  • Stuck
    Scrolling up and down. Switch documents. Change windows. Click. Type..
    Feeling lost then – and until now.. I was aching – and still am..
  • One Healthy Step at a Time
    Health and Wellness. Controversial topic. Common issue. A must. Being healthy sounds intimidating, overwhelming to tackle and scary. But does it really need to be like that?
  • Have you ever?
    Have you ever shed tears while trying to put a smile on your face? Have you ever felt all alone in the middle of a crowd? How about felt weary while doing nothing […]
  • I Can’t Breathe
    It’s been a while since the last,but still…an empty mind and an aching heart. Thinking.. trying..“How hard could it be?”A painful pause… A hollow laugh,a silent cry,soaking eyes of a […]
  • 7-Minute Getaway
    Today, I want to welcome you in… Did I say it too soon? Are you expecting the guessing time? For a change, I thought it would be nice to cut […]
  • Passerby
    An 8-year old boy wearing a blue short, dirty-white shirt and a pair of slippers carrying a ragged black backpack is roaming around the grocery store. He was walking mindlessly […]
  • Believe
    The lake is calm, the trees are quiet, and the grasses are sitting still. “It is not windy today,” said the man resting at the end of the dock. His […]
  • 7-Minute Getaway
    🎇 AND WE’RE BACK! 🎇 A week delayed but definitely not missing our monthly getaway! 😉 Hmmm, where do you think we are going this time? Maybe in a more […]
  • Little by Little
    I was stuck for almost a year. I realized it’s not easy to plan out your life after lingering in a sedentary life for quite a while. So after being […]

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