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One Healthy Step at a Time

Health and Wellness.

Controversial topic. Common issue. A must.

Being healthy is a good thing – but it sounds intimidating. Many think that being skinny is healthy and being overweight is bad. But it is more than that, more than your physical state.

Being healthy is indeed intimidating. There are many considerations needed and things to know that we can barely understand but are essentials.

Being healthy is indeed overwhelming to tackle – overwhelming to learn and do, especially for busy people or those with other priorities.

I cannot blame them. They were right. Being healthy requires time to execute and time to think. It requires effort and understanding. It requires commitment.

Being healthy is scary for those who suffer from being overweight or underweight or those who pretend they don’t need it. Being healthy means you need to change – break your old habits and unlearn things. It means moving out of your comfort zone.

But does it really need to be that complicated?

I am not a nutritionist nor a health guru. I suffered from being underweight almost my whole life. I am weak – and still am – but should not anymore.

I started my journey, and it proved some things.

Yes, being healthy requires lots of time – at the beginning. You need time to research the type of food depending on the kind of diet you need and learn to prepare them. You need to research the workout you have to do. You have to try again and redo it if things don’t change.

Yes, being healthy requires pain – for a few months. The pain you experience when starting working out is unbearable, and it will make you regret doing it. But as you continue and start to feel the strength flowing, it’ll become satisfying. It’ll become a hobby that your body is longing for.

Yes, being healthy requires deprivation – but it can be gradual. You have to reduce the serving of your meal or add more. You have to lessen your favorite food that doesn’t suit your diet. But all of these don’t need to be drastic. If you are eating four pieces of bread for breakfast, try to make it three until you are used to it. Then reduce it again – and again. You can cut or add little by little until you attain the serving you need, without forgetting to treat yourself from time to time.

Yes, it will still require time, pain, and deprivation as you go, but if you have everything figured out, it’ll become a habit. It’ll become a part of you.

So starting is crucial.

If you don’t start now and come the time your body gives up, it will then compulsory take your time – lots of time – the time you should have spent taking care of your healthy self. It will let you feel the pain – the pain that you should have experienced while strengthening yourself. It will then deprive you, and this time not slowly but drastically.

It will be the same. Being unhealthy still takes time, will make you feel pain, and deprive you of the things you love. So why choose the latter if you can do one healthy step at a time?

In the end, Health is Wealth.

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