7-minute getaway

7-Minute Getaway


A week delayed but definitely not missing our monthly getaway! 😉

Hmmm, where do you think we are going this time? Maybe in a more summery place? Or more on a wintery one? Or perhaps in a place with just-right weather?

What do you think?

We will not be having choices this time cause we were letting our wanderlust lay out the options! 😎

So, do you already have something in mind? Hold that thought as we will be revealing our next escapade in…

3… 2… 1…

Spring at Ueno Park Japan Entrance

Ok, I know, it doesn’t say much, but we are already at the entrance of our next destination. Want more clues? Let’s get inside!

Sakura viewing at Ueno Park Japan

Now, got a better idea? Did your wanderlust pick the same?

Yes! We are currently in Tokyo, Japan, and in its most popular park, which is?


I know it’s summertime, and we should be wandering in a summery place instead. But isn’t it nice to have a quick break from the heat and enjoy a beautiful park to experience a unique culture and appreciate a vibrant color during Sakura season? Come on! Let’s enjoy this together! 💞


Let’s come closer to one of those Sakura trees.

Sakura at Ueno Park Japan

Beautiful, isn’t it? Noticed those picnic mats under the trees? During Sakura season, there’s this traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers that is called Hanami. They usually do it by having picnics or outdoor parties.

Let’s roam over there. ⬇

Torii Gates at Ueno Park Japan

See those gate-like structures? They called it Torii gate. It is a traditional Japanese gate that can commonly be seen in Shinto shrines. It represents the passageway from a secular to a sacred world. It is customary to bow once before entering and exiting those gates. Come on! And don’t forget to bow before passing through, ok?

This is Gojoten Jinja Shrine – a shrine dedicated to medicine and healing. It is the go-to shrine if you know someone who is sick and wants to wish them well. Oh, and it was said that the Shrine tradition was established between 1336 – 1573 during the Muromachi era. More than 500 years ago? Wow! 😮

It is common around shrines to see something like these:

Chōzubachi or water basin at Ueno Park Japan

This is a Chōzubachi or water basin where guests wash their hands and mouth as part of a spiritual cleansing ritual before entering the shrine.

Ema - small wooden plaques for wishes and prayers at Ueno Park Japan

These are called Ema – small wooden plaques where Shinto and Buddhist worshippers can write their prayers or wishes.

Omikuji -  a paper for random fortune telling at Ueno Park Japan

And these are called Omikuji – a paper where random fortunes are written and drawn by an individual as a way of fortune-telling.

Interesting right? A sign of a very rich culture that you can find almost everywhere in Japan.

Come, let’s see what is over there! ➡

Ueno Park Japan

Do you think this is Sakura tree too? I heard Sakura flowers could vary from white to dark pink in color.

Dark Pink Sakura tree in Ueno Park Japan

Hey, look! You can rent one of those cute boats and enjoy the Sakura viewing along the river. Cool right? 🚤

Cute rental boat during spring at Ueno Park Japan

Ueno Park is vast, and where we went is just part of it. So if you want to see more or experience their culture further, maybe it’s time for you to make a plan for an actual getaway, what do you think? 😉

Hopefully soon! ❤

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