7-Minute Getaway

Have you heard the term “Hundred Islands”?

For some, this is a give away, but still, many don’t know what this is, so we will still have our GUESSING TIME!!! 😉

But before we continue, I wanted to let everyone who are new to my site know that today is our 7-Minute Getaway meaning, we will be having a short escapade in the comfort of our home 😎

So sit back, relax, and enjoy our journey.

Ok, back to our GUESSING TIME, pick your guess from the countries visible on the map!

And now, it is time to reveal our today’s destination in..

Yes, we will be visiting Hundred Islands National Park in Philippines!

Come on, let’s start our escapade, wohoo! 🎇

MALIGAYANG PAGDATING! It is the Filipino term for “Welcome!” 😉

Welcome arch of Hundred Island in Alaminos City Pangasinan Philippines

Before I give you more trivia about our destination, let’s hop on that boat so we can start sightseeing!

Boat docked in Alamo

Here we are at Marcos Island! 🌴

Beach in Marcos Island (Hundred Island Philippines)

Are you starting to feel the summer heat? ☀

Me too! Come on in!

Hundred Island view from Marcos Island Philippines

Ok, let me tell you something about this place. Hundred Islands is a national park and protected area located in Alaminos City, Pangasinan. It is the most famous tourist attraction in the province because of its beaches, islands and wildlife.

Hundred Island view from Marcos Island Philippines

Now, are you intrigued where it got its name? Well, yes! Hundred Islands is composed of 124 islands at low tide and 123 at high tide, and scattered in Lingayen Gulf. With all these islands, only 4 of them are developed for tourism and where we are now is one of them.

Let me show you something.

Here, you can jump in this cave-like opening

Cave in Marcos Island (Hundred Island, Philippines)

then swim going outside. 🏊

Beach in Marcos Island (Hundred Island Philippines)

Are you loving the view? Let’s roam around a little bit more.

St. Joseph patron saint in hundred island Philippines

We are almost done, let’s go back to the beach. 🌊

Boat's view in a beach in Marcos Island (hundred island Philippines)

Amazing isn’t it? Oh and before we end, I want to leave you with this view:

Sunset in Alaminos, Pangasinan Philippines

I hope this brighten your day ❤

‘Till our next! 🙂

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