An empty bench in the middle of cold morning autumn


The rain is pouring, the wind is howling. It was cold.

I was in a balcony sitting, holding a cup of coffee – thinking.

I looked up, dazed by the floating huge dark clouds;

a sign of no stopping, or will be, anytime soon.

Why now?

A lingering question..

I want to go out there and soak myself up.

Longing to feel that feeling;

finding what’s missing;

a flowing nostalgia,

where if you blink, it’ll be lost.

2 thoughts on “Wistfulness

  1. I dissolved in the rain a few times.
    It was always exciting.
    Part of me lives there
    like a ghost,
    hiding in tears…

    and so deeply,
    colourfully lost
    that it doesn’t matter whether I learn to smile
    or dance again.

    The rain does my laughing for me,
    tapping the fun free
    like a pointillist giggle.

    (Dunno where that came from 🙄)

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