A lady in silhouette walking along the beach shore under the sunset

The Sounding Souls

It was dusk. In the end of my sight, was the horizon – a blending color of dark blue sky and dark gray water separated by faint light of the fading sun.

Despite being dark, I can still see the waves moving in the horizon, like a dancing shadow. I was in awe; staring on a piece of heaven.

Then I saw a dog running on the shore with this little girl chasing after it like an animated silhouette. When the girl caught up with the dog, she hugged it, threw the ball once more then ran again – together.

And then there’s this lady, treading gently into the sand. Her waist-length hair and long dress were flowing with the wind. She stopped and gazed into the ocean. She roamed her eyes until she reached in the girl’s direction, then back to the horizon.

They are all in silhouette. I can’t see their faces, but I can hear them – one with the cheerful spirit, and the one with an aching heart..

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