a thriving weed with purple flower on a sunny summer

Living Through

DAY ONE: A pink ponytail, a purple headband and a black hair brush were aligned on the table where a 7-year old girl was standing – staring, thinking.

She picked up the ponytail, examined with her blue round eyes before putting it back on the table.

Next, she reached for the headband. She wore it then slightly stretched her neck while tiptoeing to see herself in the mirror. She removed and returned it to its original position.

Then she picked up the hair brush.

“Ugh! It’s big and heavy.”

Despite its size and weight, she managed to make a few strokes before giving up. She put it back, then glanced at the clock beside the table.

She straightened her dress and lightly brushed it with her tiny hands, picked up her light blue backpack, went out of the room and into the front door. She held the doorknob and looked at the sideboard beside the door.

“I’ll try again tomorrow, Mom.”

She opened the door and closed it after her.

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