7-Minute Getaway

Are you afraid of heights? — Or maybe not.

Either way, if you are longing to travel, you came at the right place at the right time, because today is our 7-Minute Getaway! Woohoo!

To start, pick your guess on where do you think our destination today – CHOOSE, CHOOSE, CHOOSE!

Already have your guess? Ok, let’s find in:

3.. 2.. 1

Yes, Canada! It was a huge country but we will find our way in one of it’s hidden gems in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Are you excited? Ok, our getaway today is in..

Kiapalano Vancouver British Columbia

Yep! We are in Capilano Suspension Bridge Park! YAY! 😀

This 450 feet long hanging bridge is built 230 feet above the Capilano River. It was surrounded by acres worth of nature, plus it gave a glimpse of British Columbia’s history and culture.

Let’s walk over there ➡

Totem Poles in Capilano Bridge Park Vancouver BC Canada

Here, you would notice that there are lots of totem poles around as it became a tradition to place them in this park.

Oh, did you know that the park invited guests to sign a wish book and then put it into a bentwood box embedded inside their Millennium pole? So if you happened to sign on that wish book, those will be passed into history! Cool right?! 😀

Let’s not wait any longer, let’s cross that bridge! 😎

Capilano Bridge

Are you scared? Don’t worry, we will cross it – together 😉

Information Center in Capilano Suspension Bridge Park Vancouver BC Canada

We made it! ⭐ How did it go with you?

Let’s go, I still want to show you around!

Lanterns around Capilano Bridge Park

See those lanterns? Those are parts of an attraction called Canyon Lights that are available during the holiday season. During that time, they will turn on all the lights around the park. You should see it one day, it was amazing! ❤

Come on, before we end I want you to see this…

View of Falls from Capilano Bridge Park Vancouver

Amazing isn’t it?

I really do love this place. Aside from it’s accessibility from the bustling city of Vancouver, the surrounding is relaxing: the tall trees, the chirping birds, water splashing on the river, and the cool breeze.. it made a perfect getaway from a busy day.

I hope this helped you unwind.

See you on our next! 😉

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