Heart of the sunrise

“This tunnel is a chaos!”

That was my mind complaining while I trudged along the tunnel with bustling stores and curious buyers. I was halfway through when I saw an old lady drop a pen. She bends forward and tries to pick it up, but her back did not allow it. I aimed to her position, planning to help her when a boy wearing dirty ripped jeans and an old loose sweater rushed towards her. He picked up the pen, held it up to the level of his face, looked at the old lady then ran.

The old lady, on the other hand, stands still while watching the kid lose her sight.

I took out a pen from my bag, walked towards her and handed it over. She looked at me, smiled, held my hand while slowly pushing it back to me, “It’s ok, young lady,” she said then reached inside her bag, took out a case, opened it and showed me a dozen more pens, “He needs it.” She put the case back into her bag, looked at me, lightly tapped my left shoulder then walked away.

While me, standing curiously and watching the old lady till she loses my sight..

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