Sketch of bench in front of a lake

A Fading Memory..

Do you still remember the house where you grew up? How about your first room and the smell of your first bed? Do you sleep alone or with your siblings?

Do you still remember your favorite food as a kid? The smell of the breakfast your Mom always cooked that could wake you up? Do you eat by yourself or with your family?

How about your first friend, do you still remember how the two of you met? Or your favorite games together? Or the good old times?

Looking back on all those things, those occasions and those people, what do you feel? Does it still resonate with you? Or it now feels distant; feels ordinary; feels like just your past.

Maybe it is. It is really just your past – your ordinary past.

Everyone has their first – so what’s special?

Try to close your eyes and imagine that you are standing in front of the house where you grew up. Let’s say, you just entered the front door, what is the first thing you see? When you remove your shoes and step into the floor, what does it feel like? How about when you walked into your first room, what is the first thing you would touch?

Imagine your Mom is in the kitchen cooking your favorite food, what does it smell like? What if she asks you to try it, what do you think it will taste like?

Try to imagine that your first friend just entered your house, what would you say? With the list of your favorite games together, what is the first one you would choose to play? What is your common reaction when you lose? How about the first thing you do when you win? If someone asked you to stop playing, what the both of you would say?

Did you remember that feeling? The feeling of entering your first house; smelling your favorite food; playing with your first friend.

Did it somehow spark that long lost longing to feel that feeling?

Did you somehow wish that you could feel it – again?

You are right, everyone has their first. But also, everyone has a “different” experience of their first.

You, living in that house; sleeping in that comfortable bed; enjoying the company of that friend.

You – You are the only one who felt that feeling; who owns that experience; and remember that memory.

So YOU decide, what do you think is special?

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