Everything Is Gonna Be OK..

Worrying – a favorite habit for most of us. It could lead to stress and anxiety. We knew, but still, we are doing it. I was guilty. Simple things disturb me and it was very exhausting, really.

When I was in high school, my goal was to get good grades so I could study at the university of my choice; I should learn as much as I could to pass the entrance exam. Back then, I worried that if I didn’t learn enough, what would happen to me?

When I got into college, my goal was to finish my course without having extra years. I worried that if I didn’t finish within that time frame, what would happen to me?

Then I started to work and my new goal was to earn more so I can help my family and do what I wanted to do. I always thought that I should work hard to reach that goal. I also worried that if I didn’t work hard enough, what would happen to me?

You see, I worry – always; in every step of the way; almost my entire life. Even after achieving a milestone, there will always something new to worry about. It was NEVER ENDING.

Did you do the same? Or felt the same? Do you think it was my choice – your choice?

But, aren’t we taught to worry? Maybe unintentionally or maybe, we interpreted it wrongly. But it seems we tend to worry because we must. We were trained to think about this and think about that.

Maybe it was my fault – your fault – for not realizing it soon enough that worrying is a waste. It is a waste of energy; waste of time; and can waste anything good.

Did someone teach you not to worry? Or you just realized it? That’s good. I envy you.

I hope I used my energy to do my best rather than worrying; used my energy to do things I wanted instead of worrying; focused my energy on doing good things instead, and not for worrying.

I hope I did.

I came across this interview with Ophra Winfrey that changed the way I approach worrying. In frame 1:02:15 of this video, she said that she always asked people what would they say to their younger self, where everyone relayed the same message, “Relax.. relax.. it’s gonna be OK, it really is gonna be OK..”

I guess – and I hope – that whatever we are going through right now, the time will come, that it’s going to be OK – that everything is gonna be OK..

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