A Dot on a Paper

a pen and a blank paper

She was lying on a couch, looking at the ceiling and playing with a pen in her right hand, while thinking what to write.

“Aha!” She exclaimed and sprung from the couch at the same time. “Maybe I should start with what I am feeling right now.” She said “But, what am I feeling..?”

She loves to write. But she always thought that writing is not for her..

She looked at the blank paper and saw a dot. She pointed her pen on the dot then drew a shape. She looked at it again then drew another one beside the first.

“What if I just draw? What if I just draw instead of writing?” With that idea in mind, she drew 3 more shapes beside each other and formed an odd figure. She stared at it and smiled.

She crumpled the paper, took another one and stared at it – again.

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