remembering life lessons under the sunset

Life Lessons


Scrolling up and down. Switch documents. Change windows. Click. Type..

One Healthy Step at a Time

Health and Wellness. Controversial topic. Common issue. A must. Being healthy sounds intimidating, overwhelming to tackle and scary. But does it really need to be like that?

Little by Little

I was stuck for almost a year. I realized it’s not easy to plan out your life after lingering in a sedentary life for quite a while. So after being stuck, next – you will be lost. Although I already decided to move forward – I don’t have any idea what to do next. I…


Be positive – they say. That’s easy – I say. But oh, I was wrong – so wrong. I cannot do this. I can’t. I lost. And I’m lost. I cried. And I cried. Again. And again. I was hurt. I was sad. I was miserable. Then I envy. And then I jealous. Those were…

[No]things Change

The street is narrow; the canals are shallow and cramped; and the pavement, still the same – broken.

What Matters Most..?

A lady wearing a Versace dress, a Gucci shoes, and carrying a Louis Vuitton bag came out of a Mercedes Benz car, and entered a fine dining restaurant, frowning – alone. A few blocks away, there’s a lady wearing an old shirt, faded jeans and a hand-me-down pair of snickers alight from a bus then…


She was rushing through the door going outside while putting on her toque and gloves. She was running late on the 7:25 am bus. She was walking fast not considering the slippery ground, only aiming to reach the bus stop as soon as possible. It was only 2 meters away when the bus passed in…


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