7-Minute Getaway

7-Minute Getaway

Where could a 7-minute take us?

Spring is officially here and we all know what it means – OUTDOOR!

Yes! Probably most of us already started to plan our outdoor activities (cautiously) from spring to summer. I know! And I’m excited to plan mine!

But even with the warm days coming, we cannot go as far as we wanted to because of current situation, so with that, we will still be having our fourth getaway! 😉

Wow! Fourth already? How time flies!

As always, here’s the time for you to guess our next destination! 😎

Taipei 101(Taiwan), The Sydney Opera House (Australia), The Lost City of the Incas (Peru)

Did you already pick your guess? Great, because we will revealing it in:

Taipei 101 (Taiwan) from unsplash.com

Yes! Almost a tropical country but no, not today because Taiwan is a subtropical country where they have long hot summers and short mild winters. So I bet they may have nice weather all year long!

Ok enough about weathers and let’s go on our trip!

Here’s the entrance of our destination. That’s right! We will be going to an awesome short hike just within Taipei city!

Start of Trail in Elephant Mountain Taipei, Taiwan

It was a popular attraction here in Taipei because of its accessibility and what it has to offer. They called it “Elephant Mountain” pertaining to its elephant-like shape. And that explains the cute elephant holding the signage. 😉

Come on, let’s start!

This hiking spot has a long trail of about 600 stairs that will lead us to a series of lookout platforms with a magnificent view of.. wait, I think it is better to show you.. 😉

Trails on Elephant Mountain Taipei, Taiwan

We are now here on the first lookout platform, do you want to have a peek of what you can see here? Ok here we go!

First lookout platform in Elephant Mountain Taipei, Taiwan

Let’s move our eyes a little bit more to the left side..

Tell me, what do you see? 😀

Yes, it is what it is – The Taipei 101!

It is the supertall skyscraper with 101 floors. It was officially classified as the tallest building around the world when it opened in 2004 until 2009.

Oh here’s a fun fact: did you know that aside from its 101 floors above the ground, it also has five basement levels? Neat, right?

Let’s go to the lookout platform!

View of Tapei 101 from first lookout platform in Elephant Mountain Taipei, Taiwan
View of sunset and Taipei 101 from the first lookout on the Elephant Mountain Taiwan

Amazing isn’t it?

Now, let’s go to the last lookout platform.

View of Taipei 101 and sunset form the top of Elephant Mountain Taiwan
View of the sunset, Taipei 101 and the beautiful cirrocumulus cloud Taiwan

Imagine yourself sitting on one of those rocks, watching the sunset, feeling the soothing breeze touching your face, one of the best feelings in one of the best places to be..

Can you feel it?

I hope so..

And I hope that this getaway gives you the feeling you wanted, specially these days..

So, until our next? 🙂

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