Sketch of a girl walking in a path between fields


“These should fit in,” she mumbled as she placed a couple of containers in a huge backpack.

She zip it and lifted up to check the weight.

“Too heavy,” she thought.

She sat in front of the bag, staring, thinking what she could do to make all of them fit in. She roamed around the room, looking for something she didn’t even know what.

“I’ll find a way,” her mind decided before leaving the backpack aside.

That was the night before..

Tik tok, tik tok – like a sound of a pendulum clock playing inside her head while sitting in a bus.

“Six more days..” she counted. It’s been like this every morning since the month of December came.

How long since the last?

She didn’t even care to count. What matters to her now, is the remaining.

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