Knowing what you want - is there even a right time?

Knowing What You Want – Is There Even a “Right” Time?

“Never give up on what you really want to do..”

H. Jackson Brown Jr.

It has a powerful message. It motivates you to pursue what you want. It gives hope that somehow, there is a possibility to achieve what you want. Just don’t give up.

That is, if you know what you want..

When I was young, I liked doing many things: I read, I wrote, I drew, I danced, I sang, I played guitar, I played sports, I joined groups, I participated in events – almost every activity that passed in front of me; things that interest me.

I had many dreams, too. There was a time when I dreamt of being a doctor so I can save lives; the next day I thought to be a policewoman to fight crime; then I decided to be a lawyer instead, to straighten out injustice; and I changed it again as this time, I was fascinated by the scientists who invented things, so I aspired to be one of them.

“That’s normal,” they said, “for young people to change dreams, to have many interests. You will know what you want when the right time comes..”

You know what the funny part is? I became none of what I dreamt of. And the funniest? When the time came where I needed to decide what I wanted to do – I can’t. I just can’t. It’s not because I didn’t like anything, but I liked too many things and apparently, I can’t be just like that. It doesn’t work that way. I had to choose. I needed to choose. And whatever I choose, will be a big part of my future. In fact, that’s going to be my future, they said. So I had to be careful, and that froze me.

It was fun though, having many dreams. Thinking, pondering what it feels like to achieve each one of them..

In the end I took a course my father thought would be good for me. It’s not bad after all. I graduated and found a job easily. As the years went by, life got better and better. I got what I needed and achieved what I wanted – that’s what I thought.

“What do I want? Like, what do I REALLY want? Is this REALLY what I wanted?” – These are the questions I started to asked myself.

When is “the right” time to know what you really want? Is going to college supposed to be “the right” time? What if you can’t choose? Does it mean you are just being indecisive? Or afraid? Or it is a sign that something is wrong with you?

Is there even a “right” time?

As I searched for an answer, I started to envy those people who already knew what they wanted; those who, at an early age, already knew what they were supposed to do or where they were supposed to go to achieve what they wanted.

Whereas me – searching, thinking, asking – “What should I do?”

“Am I thinking this too hard? Am I making this too complicated?” Maybe I already knew what I wanted. Maybe I already achieved it and I just wanted something new, that’s all.

I hope I knew the answers. But I don’t.

2 thoughts on “Knowing What You Want – Is There Even a “Right” Time?

  1. Thank-you for asking my thoughts on your writing. Hopefully I won’t be too long-winded. 😊 Like you, I’m interested in ‘everything’. No ‘label’ can contain all of who we are. I was ‘not’ one of those people who knew that ‘one thing’ I was meant to do. I wanted to be and do so many things. I feel fortunate that I worked hard to pay for college, and became a few the things I wanted – teacher, librarian, crisis interventionist… because I love learning/teaching, reading, and helping.
    But I always long to do more, be more, Change the World, and I’ve wondered ‘what if I had chosen a different path’ – the air force, law, science, space…
    I think for people like us, we get to live exciting lives because after we reach one dream, we immediately have an endless amount to choose from. We don’t get bored or burned out, because a new adventure always awaits. I’ve asked many people about their dreams and goals, and many say they have no passion for anything. I can’t imagine how that must feel to be ‘empty of dreams’.
    Keep thinking about your sparkling dreams, and keep taking action – always be pursuing a dream, even if it changes, always keep trying. You may never find exactly that ‘one thing’ or find the ‘right timing’ but you will know your heart and your dreams. Let that inspire you to take action. I’m a grandma, my health doesn’t allow me to pursue dreams with the tireless fire I used to have, but I won’t stop trying to do something in harmony with my dreams. Wishing you much success in making many of your dreams come true!

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  2. You don’t know how I felt about your comment, Rose. It pierce through my heart. I can feel every inch of what you said. I’m glad I stumbled your site. I’ll be waiting for your post. Thank you, Rose! ❤

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