Flying birds and feathers over the city

100 to 0 Stories


An 8-year old boy wearing a blue short, dirty-white shirt and a pair of slippers carrying a ragged black backpack is roaming around the grocery store. He was walking mindlessly from one row to another until he reached the baby food section. He scanned the shelves then stopped at the milk area. His tiny little […]


The lake is calm, the trees are quiet, and the grasses are sitting still. “It is not windy today,” said the man resting at the end of the dock. His slippers are placed beside him, his faded blue jeans are rolled up, and his feet are touching the water. “What should I do?” The man […]

One More Time

A mug sitting on my left, pen and paper on my right, and keyboard in front of me. “Hmmm, what should I write?” my mind wandered while I’m staring at a blank page. Tik, tok, tik, tok – the sound of my fingers stamping on the table. I started clicking letters on my keyboard. I typed the first word […]


Be positive – they say. That’s easy – I say. But oh, I was wrong – so wrong. I cannot do this. I can’t. I lost. And I’m lost. I cried. And I cried. Again. And again. I was hurt. I was sad. I was miserable. Then I envy. And then I jealous. Those were […]

The Boy With A Baffling Thought

“Zero, one, two, three, four..” counted by the kid sitting beside me. I am not sure if he’s counting the number of sways of his feet or the number of people passing in front of us. I looked at him, and he looked at me. He smiled. “Hi,” the only word I said after smiling back. “I […]

[No]things Change

The street is narrow; the canals are shallow and cramped; and the pavement, still the same – broken.


The rain is pouring, the wind is howling. It was cold. I was in a balcony sitting, holding a cup of coffee – thinking. I looked up, dazed by the floating huge dark clouds; a sign of no stopping, or will be, anytime soon. Why now? A lingering question.. I want to go out there […]


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