Yellow and purple flowers, weeds in the meadow under a rainy day


Spring doesn’t cease to amaze me. Snow is melting; birds, bunnies and squirrels are appearing; and hibernating weeds are awakening. A few more weeks, grasses will rise and turn the dull ground into a lively meadow once again. Dandelions would then grow, bloom, until one by one, each pappus would fly with the wind – to travel in another place, I guess.

Then there’s the trees.. little mint green leaves will start to sprout; some look like a bunch of flowers as they grow; and some unique ones will bore flowers first instead of leaves. Some are purple, some are white and some are pink, and if lucky, a combination of pink and white in one tree.

And the flowers.. blooming all over the place – wild and cultivated – lilacs, tulips, daisies, roses. Those bright colors on top of that lively meadow, giving glint after a long freezing pale winter.

Also the walkways.. covered with tree leaves forming a tunnel-like that leads you to your destination. Then the petals.. falling like a confetti, as the wind blew.

You, walking in an aisle-like with real trees, birds chirping and spring breeze touching your face.. this view, this feeling, this experience.. ❤

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