7-Minute Getaway

7-Minute Getaway

Are you still missing the warm weather and sun all day?

Me too!

So hold on to that thought because today, we will be visiting another tropical country to drench our thirst of sunny warm days!


Here’s a clue: most of you probably know that we visited Singapore last month, and today, we will be exploring a little corner of a nearby country. Pick your guess! 😉

Did you have it already? I hope so because we will be revealing our next destination in:

Yes! We will be visiting one of the most popular tourist destinations in Selangor Malaysia, which is – the Batu Caves.

Quick insight: Batu Cave is a limestone hill with a series of caves, where the limestone that forms it, is said to be around 400 million years old! What?! 😮

It was also noted that this shrine is one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside India and a popular place of pilgrimage for Tamil Hindus.

Are you now curious about what it looks like? Well, come on! Let me show you around.

This seems to be a worship area where you need to take off your shoes before you go in.

Here are some of the structures that were intricately designed. You would also notice the mountain in the background in where the cave is located.

There are huge statues of Hindu deities in the area and this is one of them – the statue of Lord Hanuman.

Are you enjoying it so far? Well, maybe it’s time to go to the main area, don’t you think?

And that is the tallest Hindu deity statue in this area, in Malaysia, and third tallest in the world. How about that?! This shrine is dedicated to Lord Murugan, known as the youthful God of war and patron deity of Tamil Nudu in South India.

Let’s have a closer look.

It measured 140 ft. tall or 42.7 meters and took 3 years of construction by 15 sculptors from India. It was said that they used 350 tons of steel bars, 1,555 cubic meters of concrete and 300 litres of gold paint to build this statue. Wow! 😎

Remember the stairs beside Lord Murugan’s statue? That is the way going up to the cave. It has 272 concrete steps in where, before, it was said to be made with wood.

Let’s climb up a little faster, we are running out of time!

And this, is the entrance of the main cave ⬇️

If we go a little further inside, we will be able to see this ⬇️

Stare a little longer – amazing, isn’t? 🙂


Again, I hope you enjoyed our short journey! 🙂 For those who are not with us in our previous getaways, this is a monthly escapade we will be having until the end of the year, so we can still enjoy travelling, at the comfort of our homes.

Don’t forget to join on our next! See you! 😉

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