Capilano Suspension Bridge Vancouver

One After the Other

I’m walking on the edge, trying to balance myself.
A few more steps and it’ll be the narrowest part of the path.

I can see my destination from afar.
It was so tiny, and looked impossible to reach.
Yet, here am I, pursuing.

I flinched, as I did my first step;
I stumbled, as I forced for another one;
My heartbeat races; my head throbs; my whole body trembles.

I am scared.

I looked back and realized, I haven’t got that far,
“It is easier to go back, isn’t it?”
Though I can’t – my heart says, I can’t.

“You are going to fall!”
my mind exclaimed as I step on the narrowest part.
“You can do this!” my heart encouraged.

So I continued – one foot after the other..

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