Falling star in a dark night

A Perception of You

He was in that same position for an hour now; switching stares between his feet and the sky from time to time. A man standing under the tree, in the middle of the field twenty meters from a chapel. The people around are starting to wonder what he is up to. 

“Do you think he is ok?” A woman asked the other beside her.

“I don’t know, he’s been acting strange since he came.” answered by the man who saw him come inside the chapel then rush to the field five minutes later.

A child, who was trying to fly his kite just outside the door of the chapel, suddenly stopped, waved at the man while pointing at the sky.

“Hey Look! Look!” the child shouted while waving and jumping hoping for him to be seen.

When the man didn’t notice, he ran towards him while the worried crowd started to yell trying to stop him. The child kept on running until he reached where the man was.

He gave the man’s shirt a little tug and while pointing at the sky, he said, “There’s another one, look!”

“Ah, here they are.” The man uttered after looking where the child was pointing to. “I have been keeping this one a company while waiting for the others.” he continued while looking at the child.

They both smiled, looked at the bright thing in the ground, then looked at the sky at the same time while waiting for the other to reach the ground..

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