frosted trees in the winter


A slightly warm coffee and cold bread are sitting at the table, while He, staying still, holding a newspaper open but staring outside the window.

“It is nice..” He thought.

It is gloomy, actually. The snow is falling and it is freezing. The wind is howling where the gust blew the toque out from the head of the agitated passersby. Everyone is rushing, wanting to get to their destination as soon as possible, to escape the harshness of the weather.

“How I wish I could do that..” Thought by one of the upset passersby who went near the window to pick up his toque knocked by the wind.

“Just staying home, drink hot coffee, eat warm bread and read a newspaper.” After picking up the toque, he looked at the man once more, with envy, before continuing.

The man, sitting at the coffee table, on the other hand, is thinking differently, “How I wish I could do that.. going outside, stepping into that crystal-like snow while conquering the wind..”

Without finishing his breakfast, he folded the unread newspaper, looked at the window once more, envying the passersby before continuing to roll his wheelchair.

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