Yes, I started!

So, what's next?

#2 of 3-post “Starting Something New” series

Being able to kickstart what you wanted to do is a huge leap.

But once you did, what’s next?

If you are like Steve Jobs that has a clear vision for Apple, that’s great! You probably know what to do next.

But if you are more like me, who is mostly lost and indecisive, who is just figuring out the next move once you get there, that question could paralyze you — again.

Like when you were just starting; where you don’t know HOW to start or WHERE to start or even WHAT to start. The only clear thing is, YOU’VE GOT TO DO SOMETHING.

So how will you answer that question? How will you move forward — again?

Here’s what I learned: “Just do something, anything.”

Sounds dumb? Looks unorganized? And yes, you are right, it definitely seems unplanned. But what’s worse than being stuck?

Retain that momentum. Keep moving.

It may or may not work. But in the end you will certainly learn something; It’s a win-win. So why paralyze thinking if you could keep moving?


You might end up in a wrong direction, yes, but IT’S OK. Think of this — if you didn’t do what you’ve done, how would you know it is not the right one?

Sometimes, the only way to know is to TRY.

So, what are you going to do next?

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