7-Minute Getaway

7-Minute Getaway

Where do you think we will be heading next?

Pick your guess! 😀

Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia Flags

Happy First Wednesday of the month!!!

As promised, we will be having our 2nd getaway, today! I hope you already have your guess, because we will be revealing our destination in:

3.. 2.. 1..

AND *drumroll please*


Yes! Because it is currently winter here, I would like to visit a warmer place, and I hope you do too! But before we start, let’s have a quick trivia, shall we? Ok, here we go!

Trivia 1: Did you know that Singapore is one of the three surviving city-states in the world? The other two are Monaco and Vatican City. How cool is that?! 😎

Trivia 2: Singapore got its name from the word Singapura, which means “Lion City” in Sanskrit. It came from a story where a Srivijayan Prince, Sang Nila Utama, saw a lion and named the island after it. But it was told that there was no native lion in the country. Some says it could be a tiger. ⭐

Trivia 3: Would you believe that Singapore was a 3rd world country 40 years ago? Now it is one of the Four Asian Tiger countries (together with South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong) and a leading financial hub. In just 40 years, Wow! 😮

Did you enjoy that? If yes then you will definitely enjoy this place! Let’s take a peek at one of its great tourist attraction – the Gardens by the Bay and we will call this:

The very first time I set foot on this place, one thing became certain, this country doesn’t waste space – everything they build, was built elegantly and worthily.

Gardens by the Bay is no exception. Are you curious? Let me show you!

This is the view from the outside, fancy huh? You want to see it up close? Come on!

We need to find our way in to these little paths before we reach to the main area.

Stairs in Gardens by the Bay Singapore
Path with stone steps Gardens by the Bay Singapore
Supertree view from a path in Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Welcome to the Supertree Grove!

Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Those tree-like canopies are called Supertrees and the tallest one is about 16 storeys high. Try to imagine yourself standing in the middle and looking up, how would you feel?

Oh, here’s a silhouette view:

Hey, can you see that dome over there? That is a Flower Dome Conservatory where you can find different kinds of flowers, and there’s another one called Cloud Forest Conservatory that offers a mountain view. Let’s explore those on one of our getaways! 😉

Here’s another view of Supertree Grove:

Marina Bay Sands via Supertree Grove, Singapore

Awesome, right? The building behind is the Marina Bay Sands, the iconic and most popular hotel in Singapore. Hmmm, maybe we could also visit that on one of our getaways, what do you think? 💡

Well, stay tuned! 😉


I hope you enjoyed our quick escapade, see you on the next! 😉

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